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Covid-19 protection

Highly effective technology to protect against the spread of Covid19 infection and all other viral and bacterial infections by painting the walls and the ceilings to create a highly effective protection on their surfaces against the deposition of pathogens (viruses and bacteria), including the coronavirus Covid-19.
Thanks to its microstructure, the formed coating layer effectively captures viruses and bacteria carried by the air on its surface and subsequently eliminates them very effectively. This also cleans the air in the room from them. In this way, the protection of people in the room against the transmission of viral and bacterial infections, including Covid-19, can be effectively and long-term increased.

COVID-19 diagnostic products

Biotechnologies have developed series of ultra-sensitive PCR-based diagnostics to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. These are optimized to be run in diagnostic labs in high-throughput format.

In January 2021 our partners have introduced to the market a novel technology, allowing PCR detection directly from clinical samples (both nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva) without the need of prior isolation of RNA. The saliva tests revolutionize the COVID-19 testing, combining ultra-sensitive detection with the easy self-collection of the samples. These tests are suitable both for clinical diagnostics (CE IVD mark) and preventive screening programs. A multi-well plated assay, where target protein is selectively captured to the solid carrier and then bound by a unique detection probe consisting of a small-molecule ligand linked to a DNA-oligonucleotide. Subsequently, the probe is detected and quantified by qPCR. For drug discovery, the assay utilizes competition between the probe and the test compounds to measure their binding affinity.

COVID-19 Diagnostics Supply

1. RNA isolation kits

- High efficacy of RNA isolation
- Reproducible and applicable to a range of biological samples, such as pharyngeal and nasal swabs or saliva
- Efficacy of COVID-19 RNA isolation is tested for each lot
- In-house production from basic chemicals, sustainable large scale production

Two versions of the kit currently available:
Manual isolation kit
Automated RNA isolation kit for Agilent Bravo with reagents provided in multi-well plated format, includes all the plastic required

2. COVID-19 Multiplex RT-PCR Kit

  Meets all WHO recommendations

- Multiplex detection of 2 viral genes and 1 RNA isolation control
- Unique set of primers optimized for ultra-high sensitivity and selectivity
- High sensitivity of COVID-19 RNA detection
- Capable of detecting - Higher sensitivity over most commercially available kits
- Universal: can be used with most multi-well-plate real-time PCR cyclers (96-well or 384-well format)
- Highly cost-efficient, sustainable large-scale production
- CE IVD marked (DB-1211)

Introducing our technology

DNA-linked Inhibitor ANtibody Assay is a novel ultra-sensitive multi-well plate based protein detection assay, which provides unique benefits in its two main areas of application;

(a) Clinical diagnostics

- Quantitative detection of active enzymes, receptors or small molecules from range of clinical samples
- Ultra-sensitive, requiring tiny amount of sample (e.g. drop of blood)
- Available as a service or in a format of detection kit

(b)  Drug discovery

- High Throughput Screening of small-molecular libraries for inhibitors or ligands of protein targets with ultra-low false-negative and false-positive rates.
- Affinity profiling and quantitative specificity panels
- ADME pharmacology testing

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